AUTM’s Mission:

The Austin Urban Technology Movement is a non-profit organization that bridges the gap between the Black, Brown, and Latinx communities and the technology industry through job placement, career development, and networking opportunities.


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Diversity and inclusion is fundamental to any company, organization, and entity because it fosters innovation, increases productivity, and provides a wider range of skills and cultural insights. Collaborating with the Austin Urban Technology Movement ensures that Austin's Black, Brown, and Latinx communities are connected to the right opportunities and advancing within the technology industry.


  1. Day in the Life - students and professionals get to experience the “Day in the Life” at a technology company

  2. Horizons - we provide tech professionals the opportunity to share their knowledge and engage with students

  3. AUTM Internships - help us solve the pipeline issue

  4. Bridge the gap - showcase your companies vacant positions


  1. Curated Corporate Events - showcase your company’s culture, mission, and competitive advantage

  2. ReThink Austin at SXSW - be part of the solution; help us create a fluent community of diverse professionals at SXSW

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“After three years of amazing events and programming, our passion to increase representation of underserved communities within the technology industry has lead us to becoming a nonprofit.”